Register to receive your COVID-19 Vaccine Shot

Now available at Islington Medical Pharmacy!

Please be advised that due to the volume of calls we receive, pharmacy staff are not able to answer questions about vaccines by phone. You may email any vaccine related questions to


Eligibility for second doses:

If you received a first dose of the AstraZeneca vaccine, you may now be eligible for either AstraZeneca or Moderna as your second dose at an interval of 8 weeks. Please register on our website if you did not receive your first dose with us. 

If your first dose was at our pharmacy, and you are looking for an earlier second dose appointment, please await communication from us. We will reach out regarding moving up appointments as we have doses available to accommodate you. 

We are also accepting appointments for the Moderna vaccine. If you received your first dose of Moderna on or before May 9, you are now eligible to receive your second dose. Please register on our website and we will contact you for an appointment. 

We currently do not carry the Pfizer vaccine at our location. 

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